Based in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri, Circalitho Fine Art Prints offers a variety of fine art prints, collections and custom art. Our work celebrates the history and charm of our Nation’s greatest cities, Small Towns, Universities, National Parks, Monuments and Sports Teams.

Kansas City Royals Circalitho Fine Art
Kansas State Wildcat Football Circalitho Fine Art
Kansas Jayhawk Basketball Circalitho Fine Art
Arrowhead Stadium Kansas City Circalitho Fine Art
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Nelson Art Gallery Kansas City Circalitho Fine Art

Western Auto Kansas City Circalitho Fine Art
Fort Leavenworth Circalitho Fine Art
Union Station Kansas City Circalitho Fine Art

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Kansas State Wildcats Bill Snyder Vanier Print Circalitho Fine Art
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Andrew Mirakian is an award winning designer, illustrator and art director based in Kansas City, Missouri. His work has been published in several leading industry publications and has been featured and recognized at the local, national and international stages. His overall approach to design and illustration has lead to work for such clients that include Southwest Airlines, PepsiCo, Major League Baseball, Darden Restaurants, Sprint, LG Electronics and AMC Theatres.